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About Us

évolis Professional is a pioneering hair care company focused on harnessing the latest scientific research on hair biology to give you your best hair. Our background in medical bio technology gives us an advantage; our scientists are hair biologists and our formulas are based on real clinical studies, as well as on real results with real people. We have years of experience in Japan and Australia and we have already helped thousands of men and women see and feel the benefits of our natural actives and antioxidants in blocking FGF5.

Timeline of Activity

Scientists discover FGF5 Gene, proven to be a crucial regulator of hair growth in humans.
Hair Biologist initiates research to control FGF5 and its impact on hair.
Hair Biologists discover a select group of botanicals that inhibits FGF5. Advangen Japan launches Jo Ju/Lexilis, the first line formulated with these FGF5 inhibiting botanicals.
Cellmid purchases Advangen and starts selling in Australia. Columbia University confirms excess FGF5 negatively impacts hair health.
To date 1.2 million products have been sold across Japan and Australia.
évolis professional is available in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.