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Through our advanced understanding of Hair Biology, we have harnessed the beautifying benefits of nature to create products that deliver GREAT hair


WHAT IS FGF5: It is a naturally occurring protein found in the scalp and controls the hair life cycle. Various physical stresses can cause an increase in FGF5 production which negatively impacts hair. By regulating FGF5 you can achieve your BEST HAIR

When     you    inhibit    fgf5

Hair Texture: IMPROVED

Hair Density: IMPROVED

Hair Length: INCREASED

Hair Manageability: IMPROVED


evolis    contains     a     blend     of     FGF5     inhibiting    natural    actives

Rosa     multiflora

Japanese Rose inhibits FGF5 which regulates the hair life cycle. Has a soft, clean fragrance that is appealing to both men and women.

Sanguisorba     officinalis

Commonly known as Great Burnet. This hair life saving flower is found in France. Key component in the évolis patented active blend. Provides hair conditioning as an added benefit.

Swertia     chirata

Known for its Ayurvedic benefits. Brilliant humectant keeps hair supple while blocking FGF5 from negatively impact hair’s beauty.