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For the Professional

FACT: 80 million men and women are suffering from hair loss in the US. Hairdressers are the first to notice, and the first to be asked why this is happening. Customers want answers, and solutions.

FACT: This is the next area of focus for our industry. It is not a question of whether our customers will suffer from hair loss, it is a question of when.

FACT: Hair loss affects both men and women.

évolis is the only product range that tackles hair challenges by controlling a recently discovered protein called FGF5. By regulating FGF5 you can achieve your BEST HAIR.

  • • 75% Reduction in Hair Fall
  • • 40% Increase in Hair Density
  • • 20% Speed Up Hair Growth
  • • 100% Real Results

What your clients can expect:

  • • Less hair fall in the first 30 days of use
  • • Short fine hairs visible in thinning areas in 30-60 days of use
  • • Change in hair texture to smoother and more manageable in 60-90 days of use
  • • Increased density in 90-120 days of use
  • • Fine, downy hair texture change to stronger, thicker hair texture in 120+ days of use

What you will get:

  • • Introductory Opening Orders
  • • Bi-monthly program specials
  • • Education on hair health

If you would like more information please contact 1-844-386-5474 or fill out the form

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