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Why évolis ?

Ever  wondered  if  you  are  alone  with your  hair  challenges?  Definitely  not

80 million men and women suffer from hair challenges in the US alone.

If you are concerned about hair loss, thinning, poor quality hair or lack of volume, this could be important to read.

What   can   you   do   about   it  ?

There are limited options available for hair loss and hair challenges. Current products on the market focus on camouflaging, targeting hair on mid-lengths and ends.

It is hard to find a product that gets to the root of the problem. Without that, you will not solve the underlying issues and only covering up the problem.

So where does évolis™ professional factor into the equation?

The answer lies in your hair cycle

Hair loss and thinning occurs when the hair cycle speeds up, with longer rest and shorter growth periods.

One of the key regulators of the hair cycle is FGF5, a naturally occurring protein that controls the hair follicles and signals them to stop growing and fall out.

Scientists have been trying to find ways to block FGF5 since the 1990’s when FGF5 was first discovered. It was not until 2007 that the first FGF5  inhibitor product was successfully formulated by scientists at the Japanese Institute of Industrial Science & Research after more than 10 years of work.

Over 1.2 million bottles SOLD, and that was before the product was available outside of Japan.

However, it took Australian scientists to perfect and formulate the évolis Professional range.

How does it work?

Our scientists harnessed an exclusive blend of three key natural actives chosen specifically for their FGF5 inhibiting qualities. évolis™ Professional products also contain a blend of over ten natural, antioxidant rich extracts designed to improve hair texture, manageability and overall quality.

The évolis Professional 3-Step systems harmonise the powers of science with beautifying scalp solutions found in nature to deliver your best hair.


9 in 10 people grew  thicker  hair with evolisProfessional

evolis before and after photos

In two, separate, placebo-controlled clinical studies our formulations have been shown to*±:


Reduce  Hair  Loss  by  82%

Accelerate  Hair  Growth  by  20%

Increase  Number of Growing Follicles  by  44%

What is your hair challenge?

Dreaming of
longer hair ?

Accelerates hair length by 18%*, hair grows faster, longer, and stronger


Accelerates hair length by 18%*, hair grows faster, longer, and stronger

We produce every bottle to make sure that the original efficacy is maintained by rigorous testing only available at évolis

Start your journey now with évolis become part of our hair challenge! 

Join us at @evolisprofessional